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01 February 2016 @ 08:16 am
Here's my table, now with working links thanks to jarodrussell! Go in order - thats what I am doing. I am calling this series "Alpha and Omega".

Rap's Big Damn TableCollapse )
Part 6 - the epilogue!

The Fox HuntCollapse )
Part five of The Fox Hunt

The Fox Hunt part fiveCollapse )
04 March 2015 @ 07:29 pm
I have a small fanfiction problem.

So I am posting a fanfic on fanfiction.net. It's obviously the Downton Abbey one I am posting on rapfic.

Without boring those of you who don't watch Downton, I resurrect Matthew - who died in a really well accepted situation. There's no mystery - he died in a ditch after wrecking his car driving from the local hospital to his home in Yorkshire. I use the "he's not dead, he had amnesia!" trope to bring him back. A trope, I might add, that was *actually used on the show*. And in a movie called The English Patient.

Without revealing too much of the plot (gay rape, revengeful ex-suitors, horsewhipping) it's a fairly dark tale.

Also, to clarify... I actually haven't read very much Downton Abbey fic because it tends to be pretty fluffy, which isn't my taste.

So this person leaves a review on my story on how *similar* it is to her story - in the public review she is "flattered that I used her idea" but is concerned that people will mistake the two stories. And then makes some pointed criticism that indicates she's really not happy that her favorite character was raped.

This review was sent while I was at work where I can't check my email. I don't block reviews from registered users at all and this person IS a registered user (and I approve guest reviews as long as its not obviously someone with a vendetta). Looking at the time stamps, in private message, this author chides me for not having the courage to post her review after stealing her idea and then messages me again that I must hate the character I am writing about.

So I'm intrigued. I read her fic - its done in first person journal entries, it's set in London, the lead character is taken in by kind strangers who kiss his booboos and try to restore his memory (remember, my story has him taken in by a folie a deux gay couple who torture and rape him and who are also serial killers) Her story essentially ends with him regaining his memory in London. My story ends with a field of bodies... and the lead character screwing over his rapist in a legal fashion.

Aside from the basic trope of "he's not dead, he has amnesia" - there's no similarities at all. My story has various characters from the show in various scenes and its all set in Downton. Her story has the lead interacting with original characters in London until the very end.

I never read this person's story. I am really mad at her thinly veiled accusation review. I know it IS an accusation because of the PMs.

But.... I also looked at her profile and her story is her ONLY story and while it wasn't to my taste, it's not terrible at all and I think it was her first.

Why can't I be the world's biggest douche and jump in her shit? D:
So this chapter had to be split.

The Fox Hunt part 2.1Collapse )
So this was done for pal Britt. Yes, its an amnesia fic that goes to a really obvious place in the Downton verse. In the later parts there's a bit of homosexual rape and the depiction of homosexuals reflects the timeframe and not my personal beliefs. There's some graphic violence as well.

If you're wondering why I am using a BSG icon, its because I have NO downton icons.

The Fox Hunt part oneCollapse )